Important notice for all users of the printed version of Austrocontrol`s 1:500k VFR Chart for 2017.

As announced via NOTAM, some errors were detected on the printed version of Austrocontrol`s ICAO 1:500k VFR Chart (Austrian ANSP). This NOTAM considers the following corrections:


Unfortunately, the corrections made in this NOTAM message are still not completely correct:

class Delta of LOWI TMA and N CTA – vertical lower limit should include the “or at least 1000 FT GND” and “or at least 1500 FT GND“ minimum, as formulated accordingly in the AIP.


lowi2 lowi1

We have passed on this issue already to Austrocontrol; thanks to our users for reporting this issue!

Except this Issue with “minimums”, the digital version of the ICAO Chart (available on has already been corrected and updated.

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